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Our company can provide you complete coverage of your online needs, guaranteeing you 100% uptime if needed. Our hosting solution is based on cloud-based server hosting, providing you unlimited hardware resources on demand. We can host your application on mini hardware when you do not need large-scale hardware, and scale your application using load balancers to tens of physical servers in just a few minutes, decreasing your total cost of hosting multiple times

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Cloud server management services

Wortuben.xyz is an online consultation agency at first. However, as a part of our services, we provide services connected with website hosting. Our software developers are used to work with large-scale databases, since our own statistical models provided to our clients as a part of custom advertising strategies, need robust hardware environment itself. That's we have decided to provide our clients full-scale services related to cloud application server development, database management services. Our company can provide you complete coverage of your online needs, guaranteeing you 100% uptime if needed. Our hosting solution is based on cloud-based server hosting, providing you unlimited hardware resources on demand. We can host your application on mini hardware when you do not need large-scale hardware, and scale your application using load balancers to tens of physical servers in just a few minutes, decreasing your total cost of hosting multiple times. Simply said, you pay for only resources you really need.

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Cloud hosting map

Date: 2017-03-27, 3 months ago

List of server locations we provide server monitoring services from.

Hong Kong
Berkeley County, South Carolina
Palo Alto, CA
Sao Paulo
Miami, FL
Jacksonville, FL
New South Wales
Montreal, QB
São Paulo
South Bend, IN
New York, NY
Quebec City
The Dalles, Oregon
Rio de Janeiro
St. Louis, MO
Ashburn, VA
Seattle, WA
Changhua County, Taiwan
Los Angeles, CA
Toronto, ON
St. Ghislain, Belgium
Hong Kong
Council Bluffs, Iowa
Hayward, CA
Tokyo, Saitama
San Jose, CA
New Delhi
Newark, NJ


Six Easy Tips for Faster Android

Date: 2017-10-19, 2 months ago

Almost every phone works out of the box nicely and smoothly. Over time, however, it slows down until it gets to the border when the user is angrier from it than to make him happy. The exception is not even the most powerful mobiles - even with the ones that happen to be "wobbly" over time, and the owners just remember how they were once lightning fast. Even the most powerful hardware will not be able to withstand the stack of applications and services that the user installs.

Snapping a phone may have many reasons that can be affected, eliminated, or even solved. However, many users lack awareness of the possible causes and how to keep the phone or tablets in good shape.

Possible causes of slow Android

  • Operating system editing - Although the phone has the highest possible technical specifications, the software sometimes lags and brakes otherwise the high-end device. It's no secret that "pure Android" in the way users Nexus phones and tablets know it is just faster than the system the manufacturer has "enhanced" to the graphic superstructure.
  • Little space in the storage - the internal phone / tablet memory that the manufacturer has equipped with is essentially SSD. As such, it is faster than a memory card, but it is a rule that there should be no significant or even complete filling of space. This ultimately leads to a prolongation of access time and, therefore, a slowdown in system, file operations, and overall responses.
  • Application caching - So-called "cache" files create applications to run more smoothly and faster. However, since many programs do not clean their cache, they remain unused in the device memory. This results in space filling and subsequent slowdown of the system.
  • Programs alone - Running programs and their services, which consume a significant percentage or even most of the resources, can become slower systems. Typical shortcuts include some live wallpapers, widgets, and graphical themes. For the high-end phone, it still does not have to be a major problem, but for mid-range devices the performance may be noticeable.
  • Other factors - there are a number of other factors that we will not discuss individually. Here are some tips to improve your mobile phone response and increase system speed. While you may not be able to re-animate an aging smartphone from an aging smartphone, the results of a few-minute effort may be noticeable and visible at first glance.

Install an alternative launcher

Launcher is an application that takes care of a variety of features including, for example, display and all desktop / home screen, application list, animation, graphic themes, and more. Launcher is just the first thing you find when you start the system. Most manufacturers put their own solutions on phones and tablets on the graphical design. Therefore, the environment in which the user is working varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

While default launchers provide a variety of "widgets", they also often consume unnecessary system resources. The reason is a number of features that many users never use, but the launcher is contained in them. Instead of the default launcher, you can install an alternative - basically, it's a launcher application like any other, and it's up to the user to stay with the solution delivered by the manufacturer, or to try another product.

The offer is very broad - Just choose! Whenever you can go back to the original launcher - just change it in the system settings. This is not about replacing the original application, but adding more.

The most popular launchers include Nova, Apex, ADW, Go Launcher, but there are really many alternatives. There is also an original Google Launcher that you can meet at Nexus.

Get rid of live wallpapers and unnecessary widgets!

Also, so-called "live wallpapers" displaying animation on the background of the desktop, or responding to the user's touches, consume system resources. Yes, we recognize that some wallpapers are graphically very successful, but purely from the logic of things just to animation, the phone will need more resources than to draw a static or no image. In some cases, the slowdown is very noticeable - especially if the wallpaper is poorly optimized. We understand that giving up "cool animation" will not be easy for everyone, but you will not give anything. For a good thing, you just have to sacrifice something.

Similarly, there are widgets, a "gadget", displaying some information on the home screen - typically the current weather, meteorological forecast, date and time, or the latest news. Here you have to realize what this widget actually does - usually, in a set interval, contacting a server on the Internet, downloading data from it, which it then processes and displays. Even simple behaviour requires some computing power. Of course, there is a difference if you have one or two widgets on your home screen, or if your desktop literally cracks under the influx of information. The higher performance recipe is simple: remove all the widgets you do not use, including those that have been "pulled out" by the manufacturer of your phone.

Clean application cache!

As we mentioned in the list of possible causes of slow Android, one of the culprits can be the growing cache of applications. We therefore definitely recommend its (best regular) cleanup, which can be done manually through the system settings (Application section, Clear cache button), but with a large number of installed programs it would be a lengthy process.

But there is also a simpler way of using tools that offer buffering of all programs at once. The choice is once again very wide - you can try for example App Cache Cleaner - 1Tap Clean, a more comprehensive Clean Master Phone Boost, the world of computers certified by CCleaner from Piriform, or Cache Cleaner+.

The result of cleaning should be not only to free up space in the phone's internal memory but also to speed up the running of the affected applications. Some programs also offer automatic cache deletion on set days and times, so after the initial setup, the user does not have to worry about anything.

Exit running applications

Some apps or their services run so-called "in the background". They do so either to make them faster to the user, or because they are waiting for some input or downloading data from the Internet. On the one hand, such a behaviour has its own positive side, but on the other hand, of course, it causes not only increased battery consumption but also slowing down the system. Synchronization in progress can be significantly signposted to busy memory as well as processor load, ultimately resulting in a slower response of the entire OS.

In the first place, therefore we recommend to go through the settings of all installed programs and focus on all automatic functions - mainly data synchronization with the Internet, triggering some operations in a certain interval, and the like. Typical behaviour is for social network clients, news aggregators, RSS readers, and similar programs. Always think about whether you need necessarily to the application itself withdrew posts (or warned them), or whether they make do with an update at start-up.

Another way to rotate with running programs is to end them through the system settings. In the Applications section, go to the Run tab, click on the program you selected, and exit the process by clicking Stop. But be aware that many programs have so-called "watchdogs" („watch-dog stand"), guarded by undesirable end and start the process or application again. In this case, you may want to either visit the application's settings or uninstall the program.

Install the memory card

Most phones and tablets support expanded often insufficient internal memory by an external memory card. In addition to gaining extra space, installing the microSD card is also beneficial for another reason: more free space is left in the internal memory. As we said above, the device's internal memory is essentially SSD, and it just does not prove it if you fill it up to the edge. It is always best to leave at least 10% to 20% of free space for the system to work with memory optimally and without delay. A useful tool to find out which folders are the most space is DiskUsage.

When you buy a memory card, we definitely recommend that you focus on the fastest, i.e. the highest baud rate. Here you will recognize the so-called "class", which is usually referred to as "Class". For optimum experience, we recommend not installing cards with a "Class" of less than 6, but better Class 10.

Perform root and install an alternate ROM

While this slow mobile phone solution is one of the more complex, it can, in particular, produce the most fruit on older devices. Rotating the device will give you access to features that you would not otherwise get, so you can do virtually anything you think about. For example, you can remove unnecessary system applications and install advanced memory, processor, graphics, and other resources. However, we must point out that some manufacturers and service providers in some cases consider root to be a violation of the warranty conditions.

An alternative ROM with "cleaner" Android than the manufacturer can (but does not necessarily have to) provide a significantly better response and higher device speed. Selection is, especially for the more popular devices rather broad - begins native firmware, with minor modifications, and ends practically pure system in the form in which it knows the owners of Nexus phones and tablets. The system without the graphical overlay and the applications delivered by the manufacturer usually runs on the same device much faster, but of course does not provide all the features.


UTP cable (Unshielded Twisted Pair)

Date: 2017-11-08, 2 months ago

In the early 1980s, the first personal computers were launched on the market. All users were thrilled with their own computer on the table. After a while, however, they knew they needed to communicate with others. There has been a rapid development of networks. In many cases, several organizations have used several technologies at a time. This, along with the other cabling used in the building for the transmission of the telephone, the industrial television, has created a clutter of cables. Any changes and maintenance were very costly.

Therefore, a universal cabling system based on a twisted pair was created. Structured cabling features are designed to deliver a wide range of applications.

At present, the most widely used transmission medium in the LAN is a twisted pair called UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair). The basic parameter of this cable is the 100 ohm impedance. In Europe, however, a shielded modification of this cable is used - shielding is carried out at the level of the whole bundle, thus it is a protective film under the plastic cable wrapper. The designation is dependent on the manufacturer for this modification. Some manufacturers call it STP (Shielded Twisted Pair) or FTP (Foiled Twisted Pair). It does not matter what the label is, but it is necessary to realize that these modern cables have the same impedance as UTP cables - 100 ohm. These cables are not identical to conventional STP cables with a 150 ohm impedance and usually have individual shielded pairs. UTP cables can be used for a wide range of currently-used technologies - Ethernet Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Token Ring and ATM. A topology that is twisted by a twisted pair is a star. The common designation for twisted pair networks is structured cabling. The basics of the 10Base-T standard, which is the modification of Ethernet for UTP cables, was laid by SynOptics, now part of Nortel Networks.

UTP specification

  • CAT 3 - for cables up to 16 MHz with transfer rates up to 10 MbpsExamples of applications: 10Base-T, 100Base-T4, 4Mb / s Annex
  • CAT 4 - for cables up to 20 MHz with transfer rates up to 16 Mbps Examples: 16 Mb / s Token ring
  • CAT 5 - for up to 100 MHz cables with transmission speeds of up to 100 Mbps Examples: 100Base-TX, ATM
  • CAT 5E - for cables up to 100 MHz with transfer rates up to 100 Mbps Examples: Gigabit Ethernet, D + class management: up to 100 MHz, new parameters added.
  • CAT 6 - CAT 6 specification is currently in use, this category will be measured up to 250 MHz. The test parameters are the same as CAT 5E. The operating range is 200 MHz.

Definition of generic cabling for four classes of line:

  • Class A line: Specified up to 100 KHz
  • Class B lines: Specified up to 1 MHz
  • Class C routing: Specified up to 16 MHz
  • Class D guides: Specified up to 100 MHz

Relationship between categories and class depending on channel length

Cable type Class A Class B Class C Class D Class D + Class E

CAT 3 2 Km 200 m 100 m - - -

CAT 4 3 Km 260 m 150 m - - -

CAT 5 3 Km 260 m 160 m 100 m - -

CAT 5E 3 Km 260 m 160 m 100 m 100 m -

CAT 6 3 Km 260 m 160 m 100 m 100 m 100 m

Channel lengths include interconnection cables with a maximum length of 10 m.

Recently, the most common transmission medium in Ethernet LAN networks was the coaxial cable (in Token Ring twinned networks). The advantage was the price and ease of execution. Disadvantages are susceptibility to failure and technological limitations (number of nodes, speed). The typical coaxial cable topology is the bus.

In LAN networks, fiber optic cables are used to bridle longer distances. For shorter distances (about 260 m to 2 km depending on technology) multimode (or multidirectional) for larger singlemod (or single-mode) distances. Like UTP cables, optical cables can be used for the full range of up-to-date technologies. Optical cables are also used to connect buildings where it is necessary to connect the outdoor environment, even at relatively short distances. Optical cables will provide galvanic isolation of potential and will not destroy the infrastructure in the event of a lightning strike. A typical coaxial cable topology is a star.

There are places where optic connections can not be used. This could be due to the excessive cost of cable laying or even the impossibility of laying cables. In that case, wireless technologies are used. These have been developed over time to be used as an alternative to local networks based on cable systems. The disadvantage is the price and the relatively low speed so far. This, on the contrary, does not hinder the use of wireless networks to connect to the Internet - here it achieves more than an interesting price / performance ratio.

For long distances, leased data circuits are operated by one of the service providers (usually a telecom operator).

Plug the UTP cable

For the correct UTP cable connection, it is most important to stick to the standards, and these are two TIA / EIA-T568A and TIA / EIA-T568B. Both are equivalent and have the same transmission parameters.

To connect a 100Mb network, you need a UTP cable (twisted pair) that will have RJ-45 connectors. When using a 4-pair cable, the individual pairs are used as shown in the figure. Only two pairs (green and orange) are used for data transmission. A blue pair can be used to run a telephone line while the brown pair is left as a reserve. So, in fact, we only need a cable with two pairs (possibly shielded).

It is also possible to see how individual RJ-45 connectors are numbered (connector and socket). It follows from the description that if we only have a pair with two pairs, we only connect the contacts 1,2 and 3,6.

But if we want to have 100Mb network we need to connect all 4 pairs of cable.

Here are a few important points that should be followed:

  • Cable pairs should break as little as possible. the CAT 5 cable should not be broken over 13mm in length.
  • For the connection of a straight cable to connect a network card to a hub, the same standard applies to both ends of the cable. A different standard must be used at each end to connect the crossover cable to connect two network cards.
  • The cable bend should not be made with a radius less than 4 times the diameter of the cable. For CAT 5 this means that the bend has a minimum radius of 2.5 cm.
  • The maximum tensile load on the cable is 110N.
  • The quality of the link determines the least quality part of the string.

Cybercrime has overtaken the traditional one already in 2015!

Date: 2017-11-28, 2 months ago

Today, we will look at English ONS statistics showing cybercrime overtaking the traditional, device plans capable of detecting mobile tracking, the vulnerability of Apple systems and much more.

The National Crime Agency (NCA) has seen an important milestone. According to the Cyber Crime Assessment 2016, more cybercrime was reported in 2015 than traditional (47%). It is not clear how are the other countries suffering from cybercrime, because in many of them computer crime is not as well recorded as in the UK. The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has begun to report cybercrime in 2015, with an estimated 2.46 million incidents.

There are, among other things, criminal teams targeting banks in the UK, which paradoxically have more security demands (tokens, OTPs) than those in America. Criminal teams using bankers such as Dridex and Dyre attack your computer with which you access internet banking and use false forms of banking to use, changing the target account and amount in the background, and then hiding this unauthorized payment from your account statement. Banks in England are very familiar with these malware, so they are targeting the English people to make full use of their potential.

Under the European Union General Data Protection Regulation, which will enter into force on May 25, 2018, companies doing business in the European Union even have to report basically every successful attack.

The report should open the eyes to the security forces to prepare for this trend. There will be a need for cyber crime teams, which should have sufficient knowledge of the issues and information technologies to effectively help victims of cybercrime.


Far Manager – file manager review

Date: 2018-02-13, 1 months ago

What is Far Manager?

It is an abbreviation for File and Archive Manager. You can use Far Manager for managing archives and files in the Microsoft Windows operating system. Other unique functions include helps in viewing files, directories, editing, and copying files. Notably, the program is the basis of an orthodox file manager for MS windows and serves as a clone of Norton Commander. The program utilizes Win32 Console and integrates a keyboard user interface but has limited mouse operations such as drag and drop. The far manager has been the work of Far Group that was initiated by Eugene Roshal in the year 2000. The program has Unicode branches like 2.0 and 3.0 that comes in 32 bit and 64 bit and has open sources meaning they are revised under BSD license. The far manager is one of the greatest and highly customized text editor and provides an alternative to Total Commander.


The set-up comes in 32 or 64 bit to suit your P.Cs needs and specification and can be used in any version of windows. While installing the program, if you are a control freak, it allows you to choose the features that you require. To ease the process of selecting the features, the program gives you a brief description of every function though does not give you much to go about. Additionally, you can just let the installation take the default path since it will offer a wide range of options to choose.

Unique Features of Far Manager User's Interface

Just like the Norton Commander, Far Manager graphical user interface is simple and intuitive. The program is more easy to use if you have the knowledge of using the command-line. For the Rookies and starters, the program provides an inbuilt manual where they can get a wide range of information on different parameters.

When using the default interface you will realize it consists of two file panels that come with additional command prompt. This feature helps the user to use the keyboard shortcuts. Furthermore, the user can apply the drag and drop feature while copying or moving. The Far Program helps you work with long filenames and come in handy when using archived folders. The command-line helps the user to switch and perform different tasks easily like searching for plugins in a given folder. At the bottom of the window, there are varieties of controls that help to access the manual, opening external and internal viewer, working with an editor, renaming files amongst many other features.

Notably, Far Manager helps the user to work with varying view modes, for instance, the filenames appear in three columns while medium support only appears in two columns. If these modes mentioned above do not cover all your file management needs, then you can customize your file panel view modes. In the program, the Info Panel consists all the information you need on the current users, the network names, the current disk, total free space, drives volume and serial number amongst many other details. The quick panel always gives detailed information about the selected file. Additionally, it helps you check out the nature of its content and its total allocation size. Therefore, if you are one those guys that prefer the command line to the GUI interface Far Manager is the program to use.


Best software for accountants 2018

Date: 2018-04-04, 1 months ago

Acquisition of a proper accounting software is no mean feat for accounting firms considering the cost savings it adds to the entity. Notably, having a firms finances in order is indispensable. Therefore, it is only essential that accountants use some of the best software for accounting. Below is a list of best accounting software in 2018.


Zoho Books is an accounting software used online. As a result, it allows users to look into the cash flowing in and out of the enterprise. Additionally, it eases management of client invoicing as well as a reconciliation of transactions and accounts in the bank in real-time; hence, aiding in making informed decisions to be able to stay on top of the game. One intriguing feature is the automated payment reminders particularly if creditors default in payment as well as the independent invoice modules.


1 &1 accounting software vainly boasts about its state of the art technology, which allows for automation of accounting through the cloud-based solution, especially to clients with complex issues. Moreover, the software with just a single tool allows for organization of revenues and expenditure as well as round the clock customer care and communication with tax experts. Moreover, the purchase price is lower by $4.99, especially for startups.


Freshbooks is cloud-based and quite prevalent especially with small enterprise owners as their target market as it's among the easiest apps to use. As such, it prides itself as user-friendly with the ability to track liable time and expenses as well as host business reports whilst giving payment via credit card. Moreover, one can bill in any currency with services from PayPal, Zendesk among others.


Sage Business Cloud Accounting software is famed for its forthright pricing; moreover, it provides remarkable support in all aspects of the business in real-time from tax reports to cash flows forecasting as well as sales and purchases. An enterprise is able to keep track of the creditors, get effortless invoicing, connect to the bank for a reconciliation of reports whilst sell products and services.


Quickbooks has a widespread nature that shows off among fully featured accounting software, for instance, to customize the software one selects from the apps integrated into the system. It offers practicability to transact large amounts of data as well as manage complex users and locations. Moreover, its reporting tools are customized to ease data analysis by users as well as make apprised business judgement hence works well for a variety of firms with varied business needs.


Xero exhibits an outstanding set of integrations that gives room for the program to be customized when need be for additional tasks. Accordingly, these integrations ease management of payroll, inventory and invoices among others. This software comes with interminable live customer care chat at no extra cost. Likewise, it has exceptional ability to track time and money spent on special projects hence cash is well accounted for.


Wave has a preeminent aspect of offering most of the features at no charge including the accounting software as well as free invoicing. It also allows for tracking of both private and business finances in one place as opposed to acquiring separate apps for the same.


GoDaddy has features that are integrated with online sales platforms such as Amazon and eBay. Double entry accounting is also excluded from the features; however, tracking of time and periodical tax estimates is way easier than manual.


What to Check Before Logging In to Online Bank Account

Date: 2018-04-26, 1 months ago

Online banking has allowed users to do faster and convenient transactions. Paying a bill or transferring funds has never been easier. However, each user must be careful when logging in to their online banking accounts. There are some people who would do anything to steal confidential information. To avoid this, check these four things:

1. SSL Secured Websites

It's extremely vital to check whether the website is surely secure. First, check the URL and the padlock icon on the left side. If you can see it, that means that any information passed between the browser and the bank's server and vice versa is private. Next, check whether the URL has the "HTTPS" instead of just the "HTTP." HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. It means the URL is indeed secure.

2. The Bank's Official App

Some hackers would take time to steal a user's bank account information by creating or imitating a bank's app. Before you download a bank's application on your mobile phone, do make sure you're reading reviews. Did you really download the right application? If possible, check your bank's website. You may be able to view what the official app looks like.

3. Is Your Location Secure?

This question is important especially when your transacting money online. Make it a practice to only connect to networks that you really trust. Never opt for the public wifi, no matter how fast the connection is. A public connection may compromise security. Always use your mobile data if you're not at home. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

4. Two-Factor Authentication

Today, most banks support two-factor authentication. This is a form of security for the bank's users. Before you open an account or log in to your account online, check whether your bank has this authentication enabled. When you log in, you should be able to get a code apart from your own password. Taking advantage of this minimizes theft.

Safer Online Banking

To be always safe, it's best practice to change passwords regularly. If you don't like the hassle of memorizing passwords, use a Password Manager instead. Also, never share your details with anyone especially your Password and other authentication questions. Lastly, whenever you complete a transaction, always check whether the right amount has been added or deducted to your account.

Taking Extra Precaution

If you do all of your financial transactions online, it may be best to have another computer just for it. Consider it especially if you're operating as a small business. That will save you the stress and the hassle of dealing with hackers. Never use this same computer for opening emails or browsing. Avoid social media as well. Hackers love Facebook and Twitter; don't give them a chance to steal from you. Also, it would be best to get a really good antivirus program. This program can monitor suspicious activities on your computer. We all know that prevention is always better than cure. Do make sure your antivirus program is keep updated too.

Doing the steps above are a surefire way for safer financial transactions online.


MobaXterm review

Date: 2018-05-16, 1 months ago

MobaXterm is the ultimate tool for remote computing as it integrates several functions tailored for webmasters, programmers, developers, and any other person who wish to handle their remote tasks effectively.


MobaXterm an SSH manager for Linux, with a good interface and full of useful features for Windows users. MobaXterm does not only provide a Linux terminal in Windows OS, but also offers essential network tools to its users, for example FTP, XDMCP, RDP, SH, VNC, and SFTP. These tools are offered by the EXE file containing basic Unix commands. It is worth noting that OpenSSH supports X11 forwarding—MobaXterm packages, have an embedded X server with Unix commands and a session manager. In fact, MobaXterm has a tabbed interface and can connect through bastion relays with SSH forwarding and an SSH key agent. Free versions can also be downloaded on the project site, and professional premium versions are sold. The professional version has more features as compared to the free version.

Notably, the terminal function various features, such as fonts and macros. Moreover, the plugin interface allows a user to add other features, which are primarily X11 and Unix tools from Cygwin packages. Several plugins can be grabbed from the project site, and you can also use some of the many third-party tools available. In addition to that, the Zip archive for the free version has MobaXterm_Personal_Customizer that you can use for customizing the way your tools look like.


MobaXterm is an X server that runs on Windows OS is beneficial to both Linux administrators who use computers that run on Windows and Windows users. For the former group, MobaXterm offers an easier way of using Linux command to manage Windows computers. In fact, it offers access to remote tools on Linux-based machines, including remote login. Meanwhile, for Windows users, MobaXterm gives them an opportunity to experiment using Linux commands, syntax, and directory structure form their Windows PCs, which may help them smoothly switch to a Linux-based OS. In fact, when you use MobaXterm on Windows 10, you can run all applications for Linux and Windows in the same system. You can also effectively use the command line and run GUI apps. Interestingly, MobaXterm is a portable on-click program with a .EXE extension, thus significantly reducing installation time.

This tool is very reliable, especially if you have to reach multiple SSH servers, huge files to transfer, and several graphical apps to launch remotely. Moreover, it is a secure system, so if you care about privacy and security, it MobaXterm will effectively serve you.

The Price Factor

Even if you cannot afford to buy a premium package of MobaXterm, it has an unlimited free trial. Despite having limited features, the available set is sufficient to make you have an amazing experience with the program. Still, buying a full version gives you access to a wide range of features that are effectively integrated to offer the best results. Even though you may opt for other open source software tools to build something similar, MobaXterm is a better choice as it performs several tasks that would require many disparate apps to accomplish. Therefore, even though the price for the premium version seems high, MobaXterm is worth any coin spent on it. You may agree with me that developers invest a lot of money and time to build such good tools, and we should appreciate their efforts by supporting their creations monetarily.


Steps needed to change web hosting provider

Date: 2018-05-17, 1 months ago

Changing a Web Hosting Company

The need to change a web hosting company may be determined by a number of factors. In most cases, a web hosting companies may promise or claim that they have the capacity to meet the specific needs of their clients. However, sometimes clients may have different experiences from what they expected. In some cases, the web hosting companies may fail to meet the specific bandwidth required by a client, the specific space needed or other related customer services. In the process, customers may be frustrated and in the process may need to change web host provider. It is important to note that not all cases where there is need to change the web hosting company are as a result of the company. In some scenarios, the need to change a web hosting company may be as a result of the website overgrown its original specifications.

Changing a web hosting provider can sometimes be a daunting experience especially owing to the amount of time that may be consumed in the process. The following steps can relieve the stress associated with the process and help you get a web host provider that meets the specific needs of your website. In addition, the steps will help you to migrate to new host provider within a short time frame.

Step 1: Chose a New Web Host Provider

Changing a new host provider can be likened to shifting from a starter home to new one in the real world. The process begins with finding a new home or location. Therefore, the process of moving to a new web host provider begins with purchasing a new web host. In this case, there is need to evaluate the right web hosting company for your specific needs. Some of the factors to consider during this stage may include:

  1. The space required
  2. Server configuration
  3. The associated costs

Step 2: Back up the site to the new website

After identifying the new web host provider, the next step entails backing up your files to the new web host. This provides a safety net and prevents any problems that may arise in the process. All the files can be backed up by the current web host provider to a new one by downloading all the current files to a local computer. This can be done using web development tools like front-page to download all HTML files, graphics etc.

Some sites such as MySQL that run on the database may be moved with a lot of ease. In this case, you just have to install the web applications as they are in the old web hosting company into a new web host. In addition, another easy way to move files is to zip them up and move them in your "public_html". This process is effective on CMS sites such as WordPress.

Migrating emails is the most challenging part of moving into a new web hosting company. In this instance, if the current email is hosted on a domain registrar, you can simply switch @ record and direct it to the new web host's IP address. However, if the current email is hosted on a 3rd party agreement, such as Microsoft 365, you first have to ensure that MX records are updated in your DNS. Finally, if the current email account is hosted by the current web host provider, you simply have to move to the new host and create a new email account then configure with a new agent.

Step3: Do the Final Crosscheck before Migrating

It is necessary to crosscheck everything before making the move. This will ensure that everything is running smoothly on the new site once the files are loaded. The new hosted sites can be previewed temporary URL located in the IP numbers. Its important to note that some web hosting companies provide their clients with development staging platform. Such tools can be used to preview a new site before it is launched thus create an opportunity for you remedy any complication before taking it live.


What is TensorFlow?

Date: 2018-05-23, 1 months ago

This is an open source software made by Google in 2015 to help users to build, design, and train deep learning models. Initially, Google staff and developers used this software to build models on an internal basis. The unique feature of the Tensorflow, is that it is easy to use and it has a wide range of options to be used by the developers.

The TensorFlow utilizes a high-level programming language. Notably, the software is a Python library that helps the user to perform arbitrary computation by use of graphical data flows. In the graph, a node usually denotes mathematical operations while the edges denote communication of data from one node to the other. Importantly, the Data in TensorFlow is referred to as the Tensor and are displayed in multidimensional arrays. Although this software can be used in a wide range of fields, TensorFlow comes in handy for deep learning in research and practice.

TensorFlow Execution Model

Below are some tensor execution models.

1. Graphs

Deep and machine learning can be very complicated. Due to this reason, you need to have uniform training to be able to iterate model graphs with the reasonable time frame. The models you develop should be able to deploy to multiple platforms. The most modern TensorFlow, allows the user, to write a code and then create a computational graph. The graph can be defined as a tool that fully describes the nature of computation you are undertaking. Some advantages this model include

  • It is portable since the execution of graphs can be immediate or saved to be used later. Furthermore, it can run on multiple platforms such as GPUs, CPUs, and TPUs.
  • It is easy to optimize and transform since you can manipulate graphs to give an optimal version for a given platform. This feature comes in handy when you want to support faster mobile interference on the large machine after training
  • Creating a support for distributed executions. Graphs alongside TensorFlow's high-level APIs facilitate the establishment of a flexible and rich development environment. Furthermore, they create a powerful production capability in the same framework.

2. Eager Execution

This is the second TensorFlow Execution Model and utilizes an imperative style for writing TensorFlow. When this feature is enabled, the system will start executing TensorFlow Kernels forthwith instead of constructing cumbersome graphs. The advantages of this model include

  • The model helps in debugging and inspecting the intermediate values in your graph
  • In this model, you can apply Python control flow alongside TensorFlow APIs –loops, functions, closures amongst many other
  • Eager execution makes debugging easier and straightforward
  • One of the features in this model "define-by-run" makes semantics and building training dynamics easier

Why did Google make TensorFlow an Open Source Software Community?

As we mentioned earlier Google had adopted the closed-door policy with TensorFlow. However, with time they made it open sourced to allow the community to improve it. Presently, the company has set up processes that can manage pull requests, route issues filed, and answer Stack Overflow. Notably, the TensorFlow has over 890 external contributors who have improved its code. It is appropriate to note that these individuals are not from the Google community. To put the icing on the cake, the software has over 76000 stars on Github currently using it and over 20,000 planning to acquire it as we speak. Therefore, it was a good move for Google to open its doors to the community.


How to move your website to SSL version

Date: 2018-05-30, 1 months ago

Step by step procedure to migrate your website to SSL version

After the interception of Heartbleed bug, which made it possible for hackers to hijack data that is on transit on websites, the incident was a turning point that highlighted internet users and website developers the need to have more layers of encryption to secure information that they pass across the internet from being reached by the black hat hackers. Thus, moving toward a secure website involves migrating from HTTP to HTTPS hosting.

If you are new to these steps, feel relaxed for you are reading the right article that will provide you with the information you need to shift to HTTPS. Additionally, shifting to such a level of security not only assures your web visitors security, but it is also excellent for your enterprise.

Follow the steps to migrate your website effectively.

#1. Acquire HTTPs Certificate

The function of the HTTPs certificate is to create a secure, encrypted link between web server and the browser. There are a variety of SSL certificate service providers; hence, prices of the certificates vary based on the source. Despite the price difference, they provide the same functionality. Currently, Google recommends that you acquire a certificate that operates on 2048-bit key.

# 2. Obtain Installation Certificate for SSL

Upon purchasing the certificate, it has to be approved before it is installed on your server. Notably, various domains have different level of verification. For instance, if you purchased a Domain SSL, it is possible to approve it immediately as soon as the issuer verifies its activation.

# Carry a Complete Storage Backup

While making significant changes on your website, make it a routine duty to keep files safe by backing them up. This will help you avoid loss of data, should any accident occurs while you are mid operations. Notably, there are several tools you can use to carry a full back up, including built-in cpanel back up feature. Moreover, you can contact your hosting company to inquire if they offer alternative tools for such purpose or a backup plan service.

#Change internal HTTP to HTTPs Link

First, you need to change all the internal links in your website, which point to HTTP addresses, before you decide to switch to HTTPs. Make sure that they are redirected to HTTPs. It can be tiresome to do it manually, especially when they are multiples of them. However, if you are using WordPress, you can use velvet blue update URL plugin tools to change them for you, automatically.

# Update all external links that you use

Just as you updated the internal links, which redirects your traffics to HTTP pages, you will have to change all the external links that are channelled to your website such as those from social media, from HTTP to HTTPs. However, just emphasize on those that are within your authority to change.

#Create a 301 redirect

A 300 redirect is a procedure of redirecting Internet traffic from one web page to the other. Since you are permanently shifting from HTTP to HTTPs, it is vital to creating it since several backlinks are pointed towards your website. Accordingly, such links need to be directed to the new platform HTTPs instead of HTTP, which you are shifting. Hence, any search that is conducted to find your website on HTTP is redirected to the new SSL website you have introduced.

# Update favourite tools and emails

Various internet users and organizations use quite a number of tools and plugins on their website. For instance, the popular extensions used include marketing automation, email marketing and landing page generators.

As you shift to SSL, never forget to note these tools down and crosscheck them if they are linked to any HTTP web pages. Accordingly, change them to HTTPs appropriately.

Overall, you will update analytics: Change the default URLs to HTTPs, while on the search consoles type the name of the site with HTTPS. The procedure seems easy to follow; however, if you need a technical advice you can approach a web professional.


How do change domain name of your website

Date: 2018-06-01, 1 months ago

Steps Taken to Change the Domain Name of Your Website

Changing the domain name of a website is something that should be done with a lot of consideration. However, the following steps can be useful once one is positive of the need for change.

Step 1: Backing up Your Site

The first step in changing the domain name entails backing up the site. This is effective in preventing any pitfalls that may arise during the process. In this case, equipping yourself with a working backup is important since it ensures that is working properly under the new domain name as they were in the older one. On that note, some web hosting companies such as Hostgator offer daily automatic backups from as little as less than $2 a month. This helps their clients in preventing catastrophes in case a domain name is being changed.

Step 2: Choose a New Domain Name

It is necessary to have the new name before moving from your old one. Otherwise, there would be no changing of a domain name. While choosing a new domain name, it is important to pay attention to the domain penalties. When choosing a domain name, you can register a new domain name of your choice. However, some people may prefer to buy existing domain names. The danger associated with this is that the name could have been penalized by the time of purchase. It is also possible to buy domain names that have low-quality backlinks pointing at them. This imposes a serious danger because it may comprise the image of your brand. It is therefore important to crosscheck and remove such links before moving the domain name. After you are satisfied with the name you have to register it.

Step 3: Move The Content

Once a new domain has been established, the content of the older domain name can be migrated to the new one. In this case, a tool such as All-in-One-WP-Migration can be effective. An All-in-One-WP-Migration is a plug-in that can be used to simplify the process of migrating to the new domain name and reducing associated risks. It will help move all the contents of old domain to a new one all at once.

Step 4: Redirect the Old Pages

This is the stage where you add all the URL redirects of the old site to the new site. You can use a 301 redirect tool which will all pass the SEO onto the new site. To prevent 404 error page, you can create a relevant page for pages that are no longer on your new site. In this way, you will be able to keep loyal users who visit your page regularly or those that bookmarked your past pages.

Step 5: Inform Users About the Change

It is important to update your users about the changes and re-branding process. This can be achieved by adding an explanatory post in the new site once branding process is complete. You can also exploit the use of site's social media accounts to inform the users of the changes. Finally, an email campaign can be launched to explain the changes further.

In conclusion, Whereas it is possible to change a domain name of a website, the process can be very scary. The risks involved in changing a domain name include losing all the efforts that have been made to build brand awareness. It could also be possible that there are backlinks that point to the site and changing the name sacrifices such directives. This may comprise rankings and other authorities that have been built over a period. However, since the contemporary business environment is highly dynamic in nature, there is a time in the life of a website when the change in the domain name is inevitable. In some cases, the registered domain may be perceived as not so good at some point and one is at liberty to choose another name.


What is a GCLID?

Date: 2018-07-04, 1 months ago

GCLID is short for the name Google click id / identifier. It is a tracking parameter globally used by Google to transmit information between Google analytics and Google Ad Words. Many people know of AdWords auto-tagging but in most cases, many have no idea how it works. Why is auto-tagging important and what exactly does it do? It is the way both Google AdWords relay information of a user session to Google analytics. The data transmitted then will allow you as the user to view all post click activities like the time you spent on a particular site, the number of pages you viewed, ad placements, ad text and keyword positions.

How do you check if your auto-tagging is on?

You simply have to go to your Account settings under settings and under preferences, check if auto-tagging is on. In AdWords when you enable auto-tagging, you necessarily don't have set up tags manually for every single URL. It is advisable, however, for the usage of auto-tagging over manual tagging for fewer mistakes. Manual tagging can be a waste of time when we put into consideration things like case-sensitivity. It is important to note that you can track all conversion types by combining GCLID with importing conversion. Where there is an issue in getting the number conversions and tracking offline sale, you can solve such problems in this way. Imported conversions will allow you to upload all conversions happening across an exclusive GCLID in the AdWords server. This will enable you track down any kind of CMS and offline conversions.

How is it implemented?

The first step is to set up the Import Conversion action and save it, then you capture all the GCLID information, then import GCLIDS to AdWords and make sure all the data is set in the right format. How do you capture GCLID information?

  • Enable AdWords auto-tagging
  • Construct your website to be able to capture GCLID in all steps
  • Have a list of all the users who converted along that specific GCLID.
  • If you aim at generating leads, you'll have a list of leads along specific GCLIDS and their personal information.

So how will invalid AdWords GCLID affect my data? In most cases if you are seeing an alert "Invalid AdWords GCLID" in Google Analytics, most likely, incorrect traffic attribution may be an issue you are experiencing. The alert will tell you the number of destination URLs that are changing or dropping the GCLID parameter meaning that the Google Analytics is not getting the amount of data that would generally be transmitted via the AdWords parameter.

Invalid AdWords GCLID matter mostly affects the correct traffic attribution and this means that some traffic that goes through AdWords may be credited to other sources of traffic and in some cases, it can be very harmful.

Reasons why Websites drop the GCLID

The major reason for this is when the particular website's URL constantly redirects. This redirecting menace will cause you to have incorrect data reported to the Google Analytics because the GCLID was dropped. This could also happen in the case where http URL redirects to the much secure https URL. However, Google has a provision section known as check if AdWords auto tagging works, which is designed to ensure you are always using the correct URL.



Top projects to protect your website from bad bots

Date: 2018-07-10, 1 months ago

One of the most persistent problems faced by websites and businesses that rely on their web presence is the constant and pernicious presence of bots. As websites and security measures become more advanced, bots continue to keep pace with innovations that make them harder to detect. Many times, the exact bot is customized to the website that it is targeting and can perform a variety of unwelcome functions ranging from DDOS attacks to social engineering. While there is no one solution that will protect a site from all bad bots, there are certain steps that you can take to make it more difficult for bots to threaten your web presence.

The Damage Bots Can Do

Bots are more than just a casual annoyance. They are used by hackers to perform a variety of attacks including the following

  • Web scraping: manually copying data on yourself or your users
  • Competitive data mining: competitive entities leveraging your data for personal use
  • Account takeovers: Hijacking accounts for unauthorized purchases or other activities
  • Transaction fraud: Using invalid or stolen payment methods for financial gain
  • Unauthorized vulnerability scans: Intelligence gathering for more serious attacks
  • Spam: Flooding your users with unwanted commercial messages
  • Man-in-the-middle attacks: Interrupting the flow of messages between one party and another to abuse one or both parties.
  • Digital ad fraud: Use of bots to artificially inflate view counts for the purpose of fleecing advertisers
  • API abuse: Used to access user information or steal resources for illegal activities
  • Application denial of service: Flooding an application with bots until the application fails.

There may be many other reasons that bad actors may deploy bots, and the ill effects may be limited only by their imagination, but the good news is that there are some steps you can take to mitigate the potential damage that bots may cause.

How To Protect Your Website From Bad Bots

The bot problem continues to grow at its current pace because bad actors have a strong motivation to constantly improve and refine their little servants. The ability to attack or infiltrate a website can be immensely valuable in the wrong hands. A first step that you may take is to investigate migration of bots that have already made it through your security measures. This may require consulting with a company specializing in this method, however. It may be of more value to get in front of potential infiltrations by paying attention to big data breaches as upcoming bot attacks may be identified with these valid credentials. One telltale sign of an increase in bot activity, for example, is an increase in failures to validate gift card numbers as this may represent a brute force bot attack using incomplete consumer information.

Effective Methods To Stymie Bots

It can be said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and preventing bots is no exception. One of the most effective ways to stop bots is to block known bot access points, exposed APIs, and mobile apps. There are many potential backdoors that the savvy hacker can slip bots through if you are not vigilant. The CAPTCHA is a tried and true method of filtering out potential bot attacks and should be used for outdated browsers and proxy services. Publically available hosting data centers have been known to be a hotbed of host activity and CAPTCHA may be an effective method of slowing down efforts from these sources.

Do you need more information on how to fight bots? Contact Us today to find out more!


Which content providers have the highest quality content?

Date: 2018-07-31, 0 months ago

When it comes to content marketing, content is king. There is no substitute for quality content, whether you have a website designed to specifically to inform or a sales page that is supposed to draw in potential buyers with quality and invaluable information. This explains why the creation of quality and unique content is at the center of every digital and internet marketing campaign.

Despite knowing this, most marketers still face serious challenges as far as content creation goes; some have a problem creating enough quality content while others have undisputed sources of quality content but their problems arises in how they curate and publish it. Whether you are a marketer committed to publishing only the best quality content for your marketing efforts, there are a few things you need to know about content providers and how they can make your work easier.

Content creation is not a single-step process

Content creation is a craft, an art, and to some extent, a calling. The term 'quality' as far as published content goes must touch each of these three elements: relevance to your industry, ease of access and digestion by the intended user, and conformity to your specific funnel strategy and technologies.

As you formulate a marketing campaign strategy that best suits your kind of product, it is imperative that you incorporate every aspect of content marketing – from content research and creation to publication and performance analysis around an editorial calendar. If the content is created by a third-party, it will be much easier to determine how much content is required, and the quality, based on your overall marketing campaign.

Choose a content creator who identifies with your product story

The primary reason why content marketing is the king of all forms of digital marketing is because there is profound emotional impact of quality content on the target audience. In the global commercial world where trust is measured as currency, brands do not hold back from investing in content creators that best tell the stories of their products. The quality of content in such cases is determined by how much value they add to potential clients and education is the surest way to engage readers, and to encourage them to influence their friends and social contacts.

There are many options available to an average marketer as far as the source of quality content goes.

Granted, the entrepreneur or the marketer may not be the most suited creator to produce the highest quality content that tell the story of the product or the business, but the three most viable places to source marketing-quality content today are:

1. Agency:

Content providers that work as agencies are among the most popular sources of personalized content for businesses. With so many agencies out there, ready to churn out quality content that meet pre-set quality conditions, this is among the most affordable source of quality content that businesses use to market their products.

2. Writer marketplaces

Another vastly popular source of original and high quality content for your content marketing strategy is a writers' marketplace. A typical marketplace is a website where marketers go to find content created to meet their marketing needs by independent contractors who create the content from a public job board.

3. The freelancer

While hunting for top quality content for your marketing campaign, you will inevitably come across websites and job portals where freelancers congregate to offer the much needed content creation services. Whether you choose to hire an individual for your marketing content or go with a team, you will appreciate how powerful the content they create is even on a modest budget.


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